test test test

Blabla bla blak al ah alahkknkn


6 thoughts on “test test test

  1. When I read the story about the Vampire,elf, troll and Dung that hung in the air I was rolling on the floor laughing!!I even read parts of it to my hubby and he kept asking “What kind of drugs is she on?”!! and he was laughing too and for him to laugh it must of been funny! I hope it was suppose to be funny??
    Your Art Blows Me Away! You are so Talented!! I! Your paintings are great!i wish you lived here or I lived there and you could teach me how you do some of it! I can bravely say you could make money on your art! I’m just starting to paint and I finished the surprise I did and will post it tomorrow night, I need batteries for my camera so I can take a picture of it, I’m a little intimidated now seeing your paintings!!
    Look for my blog tomorrow! TTYL, T.

    1. LOL! Yes it was supposed to be funny, it was supposed to be ridiculous and a perfect example of bad writing lol. I wrote it in like an hour once when I was really bored. I was entertaining myself lol. Ugh, my painting sucks, I have to hold the canvas in my lap in bed and can hardly see what I´m doing. I can´t have it on an easel, easal, ezel, how do you spell that? because my arms and back hurt too much. I´m just starting to paint too, I used to draw a lot when I was Young but just started trying again when I got “sick”. Ugh my arms hurt now so I can hardly type. Held the camera for too long yesterday and messed myself up again. I will look for your blog tomorrow! 🙂

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