Painting in pain

After cooking for a living for 30 years my body blew a fuse and now I have Fibromyalgia, and it sucks.

I have always been creative but I never really had time to learn to do anything. Now I´m on disability, so I have all time in the world, it´s just that doing anything hurts. I´m trying to learn to do everything at once. Drawing, painting, photography,digital art, and whatever else creative I can try out.

I´m doing these things while tiny invisible pac-men with razor-sharp fangs are chomping on my muscles, and tiny evil invisible dentists are dragging drills up and down my skeleton, and there are invisible knives sticking out of my back and my limbs are invisibly broken.

Everything I post here are my beginner things, I´m hoping that maybe some day I´ll get good at something.

The following posts are my feeble attempts at trying out acrylics.

I call this one Scarface, it´s not finished just like everything else, when the pain gets to be too much I have to stop and then I seldom get back to it again.



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