Clandestine Clowns



I´m in the middle of such a flare-up that I feel like chopped meat drenched in acid.

I´m in so much pain that I can´t even post pictures, and my head is so foggy that I can´t think or write.

So I´m trying to copy and paste some of my old poetry and things instead of just lying in bed staring at the ceiling in anger which just makes it worse.


Clandestine clowns wear invisible crowns

Seated on secret thrones of self-admiration.

We rule this circus, they proclaim,

Of the elite, of these sacred rites and rituals.


Mysterious are we, as we bow down

Before our three-ring shrines,

Clothed in our garb of illusion.


Our magical symbols speak to us

Of our grandiosity, and tiny magnitude

And we dance the merry occult waltz,

Our red noses shining in the darkness.


This we do behind closed doors

To keep the heathen out

The freaks are not of welcome here

This kingdom is for the chosen children

Of ignorance.


And they dance, and they swirl

To the merry occult waltz.

The clandestine clowns,

The rulers of their hidden world.


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